Plant trees, save lifes

As you may know about us by now, sustainability is the value that guides us through daily life at Plants are Purple. For us, that means constantly trying to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible.

How you support us in our sustainability mission

In fact, you play a big role in an important project of ours. How? Well, by helping us plant trees. Because with every product you order from us, we plant a tree. Our great partner "Eden Reforestation Project" helps us to do this.

So together we reforest forests in Haiti, Madagascar or Indonesia. And now you can find out what positive effects this has on nature and the people living there.

4 positive effects of our project

The obvious benefit is probably that we are making a former green space green again. Not only does this help our climate, but it also allows animals to live there again, whose habitat has recently become smaller and smaller.

In addition, the soil becomes more fertile due to the many planted trees and the groundwater gets a better quality. This is good for the animals and for the people, because they get a better harvest.

Furthermore, the newly planted trees strengthen the soil. Now, when a heavy rain moves over the region again, not everything is flooded right away. Instead, the soil can now better absorb the large amount of water and soil erosion no longer occurs.

Another positive effect is the jobs that are created as a result. After all, the trees have to be planted by people. The money earned by the workers is then invested in the education of their children. In this way, they can escape a cycle of poverty in the long term. The risk of slavery is also reduced for the villagers.

Your support has already made a big difference...

Today, thanks to your help, we have already planted over 500 thousand trees. So the motto: "Plant trees, save lives" is directly put into practice thanks to you. Isn't that wonderful?