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The Comfort Mousse is the hit. The consistency is like open body butter. It melts wonderfully on the warm and still damp skin, moves in quickly and supplies the skin richly.

deo: lavender&rose
Charlotte B.

Works great, even on hot days!

deo: unscented
Caroline U.

I am more than happy !!! Amptoms stay dry and no more sweat smell !!!
Perfect !!! From now on new regular customer !!! Clear purchase recommendation !!!

DEO: Lavender & Rose

Great deodorant

Very pleasant smell, what it promises!

Great product

Works flawlessly and, as fermented, well tolerated and pleasant in the fragrance!

deo: unscented
Gabriele R.

Consider what it promises - I can only recommend it as "a lot of switzerland"

Satisfied new customer

In the beginning, my skin had to get used to the deodorant. The skin has calmed down and despite the heat I am good and especially protected aluminum. Many Thanks.

deo: lavender&rose
Jennifer J.
I can recommend it.

Packaging is still expandable.
Does not prevent sweating but at least it is so that I no longer have an unpleasant smell of sweat.

Also works in the event of heat and physical exertion

I find the consistency a bit crumbly, after applying the deodorant has to be "incorporated". The orange grapefruit fragrance is hardly noticeable, which I find a shame because I love citric smells. But since the deodorant works (I tried many without being satisfied), I don't want to complain too much.

deo: unscented
Nicole W.

I'm so happy about the great products !! The deodorant is really great and the first thing really helps (I have already tried a lot from the pharmacy and drugstore)

Just great!

The deor roller is absolutely recommended, it smells pleasantly tender of vanilla and no more unpleasant sweat smell. Thanks a lot for this!

Pleasant consistency ...

... but unfortunately the mousse moves too bad for my taste or very slowly. Even with the smallest amount. If necessary, I just don't have the shoot out yet. Then like to come with tips :-)

deo: unscented
Daniela S.

is good !

deo: unscented
Gerhard B.
Just great

This is the best deostick
No more itching, there is no better like this,
Too bad that there are only 5 stars.

deo: unscented
Sabine U.

Unfortunately, after over a week, I couldn't see any improvement

Only this deodorant!

It works really, very well. Tried a lot and only helped the deodorants with aluminum.
With this deostick from Plants Are Purple, I can finally say goodbye to the unhealthy deodorants.

Very good deodorant

I am very pleased. What it promises. I'll buy again.

Best deodorant

I love it !

DEO Stick + Tiegel: Good product

I like the product and will continue to use it.
It is rarely not 100%.

deo: unscented
Heike U.
Good product

Unfortunately, I can only give 4 stars because the product works very well, but I personally appear slight redness. I'll see how it develops. It would be a shame if I could no longer use the product due to sore.

deo: unscented
Franziska S.
Exceeded expectations

Best deodorant that I have ever bought. Fulfilled his promise and the feeling of having done something for health and sustainability is great. We recommend!!!

Wonderful product

A wonderful product. I ordered the deodorant and was very skeptical. But I was very surprised. The product is very pleasant to apply and well tolerated. And no smell of sweat !!! I am soooo satisfied. Can only recommend it.

deo: unscented
Susanne K.
Really works

I'm thrilled with this deodorant.

deo: unscented
Sandra W.
Reliable and fast

Great ears receive reliably

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