For us it is very important to be transparent. That's why we not only regularly tell you on Instagram (@plantsarepurple) which power substances you'll find in our products and educate you about our sustainable packaging, but now we'd also like to take a look behind the scenes with you.

As local and European as possible - This is where the raw materials for our products come from

When it comes to raw materials, we make sure that they are as local and European as possible. In this way, we try to prevent long transport routes, which would be anything but sustainable.

Unfortunately, there are also a few ingredients that simply cannot be found in Europe. We then have to get these from the rest of the world, of course. For example, the argan tree, whose fruit is used to make argan oil, grows exclusively in Morocco. Fortunately, however, we find most of our ingredients within Europe.

Once we have our raw materials, our products are manufactured in Germany. This is true for all our products.

We pay attention to these 3 points during production

  1. We are guided by the COSMOS conformity. COSMOS is a trustworthy certification for organic and natural cosmetics.
  2. We have compiled a small no-go list of ingredients that we do not want in our products. These include silicones, parabens, kerosenes, PEG, ... All these substances are difficult (to impossible) to degrade in nature and also have health risks. Nevertheless, they are often used in conventional cosmetics because they are cheap and give the products a nice consistency or make them last longer.
  3. Our products are all 100% vegan. This means that we do not use animal ingredients nor do we test on animals. That's why we are also PETA certified.

The way from the idea to the finished product

At the very beginning of every "product journey" we always get feedback from you and internally. Because we don't want to produce just any products, but only those that you absolutely want. That's what we did with the Aloe Jelly Cleanser, for example. You asked for a cleanser for a long time and then we brought one out. That's why your feedback is always incredibly valuable to us!

So after we know what products are in demand, we think about whether we can make them under our requirements for a product. Because we do without so many synthetic ingredients, we first have to look for alternatives. Here we also work closely with our chemists. While we have the vision, they have the know-how relevant for implementation.

By the way, to find the right ingredients, we spend a lot of time researching and scouring databases and research papers on sustainability and natural cosmetics. This way, we make sure that our final ingredients match the values of our brand and support your skin properly.

Once the design of a product is finished and it has gone through various lab tests, we test it internally (which is quite a lot of fun by the way 🥰). Sometimes little things like consistency are then adjusted again.

In addition to the product itself, the packaging is of course also important to us. Because here, too, we want to be as sustainable as possible. So we like to use glass, kraft paper or biodegradable materials.

By the way: Did you know that all our labels are uncoated?

After many hours of research, planning and testing, we end up with a new, sustainable product.