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Excellent news

It smells awful


Great product. Will buy again

Great product

😍Love it.. repeat purchase from this company.. fast delivery, quality products

Awful, makes skin care pill up as well as makeup :( I can’t use it at all

It works wonders for my skin 🤩

No better than mineral oil. Wish I hadn’t bought three and wish I could return

Wonder Foundation Serum: Amber
Elin R.

Wonder Foundation Serum: Amber

Found this too sticky and tacky. Dried on my face and then if you rubbed your face it would rub away like grit.
Very disappointing as heard great things about it.

Not greasy

This is a fab serum. I'm hooked

Wonder Foundation Serum: Golden Natural
Cleo R.
Plants are Purple are 'Perfect'!

Have been using this & other PaP products & this & all the skincare, especially the Pro Age Serum is just yummy! Both hydrating & coverage. Thank you.

Serum that sinks into the skin and keeps your skin supple A+++

Really love this serum. I honestly noticed the difference in my skin immediately after the first time I applied it. It has really, really helped my pores. I have included it twice daily in my skincare routine. Serum is more viscous than I thought, took me a few goes to work out how to use the pipette, but have it mastered now. Thank you Plants are Purple 😃

I love this. It smells wonderful but I know there's nothing artificial in it that would irritate my skin. Leaves my skin soft and feeling clean. I have mature skin, in my 50s and menopausal This makes my skin feel radiant.

Soak Up

Love this product makes my skin feel plump and hydrated

I’ve been using as directed now for about a week.
Haven’t made my mind up yet as I’ve not seen any noticeable difference yet, it also feels very sticky when first applied. I feel the price is quite high but I’ll review again in a few more weeks.

well packaged eventually soaks into the skin, but quite sticky

Wonder Foundation Serum: Amber
Elena C.

Leggero e uniformante. Ottimo.

Thick, sticky glue like serum that leaves bits all over your face when rubbed in. Really hard to suck up into the dropper. Have not noticed any difference since using. Such a waste of money

High quality product. Skin feels better in two weeks